Amber beads and bracelets give moms and kids beautiful peace of mind

When baby joins the family, it undoubtedly brings a great happiness but at the same time alarm for kid’s health flutters parents’ rest. Baby’s health is of exceptional importance. Teething is one of the most difficult and painful periods of baby’s growth, it involves a number of distressing symptoms, such as fever and complex reaction of intestine. Today, there are a lot of drugs to reduce these unpleasant symptoms; however, many moms don’t want to medicate their children with unnecessary extra chemicals. It is a high time for ancient, time-tested Baltic amber stone to rescue your baby.

Baby amber beads for teething are ancient way to reduce anxiety and pain during this difficult period of baby’s growth thanks to Baltic amber healing properties. In our store you can buy amber bead bracelets and baby amber teething necklaces wholesale and retail. They are made of Baltic amber, known particularly for a number of unique properties. Modern scientific research confirmed these, tested out for centuries, properties. When contacting with baby’s body, amber beads for teething emit special amino acid-amber acid, which promotes aerobic respiration of cellular tissues, enriching them with oxygen and preventing blood cell destruction.

  1. Since ancient times Lithuanian amber is one of the most popular minerals thanks to its disinfectant and antiseptic properties.
  2. Amber contributes to fast tissue regeneration along with pain reducing effect, particularly this makes amber beads for teething very popular among buyers.

Buying baby Baltic amber teething necklace wholesale, you can be sure this product will never lie around unsold.

Baby amber teething necklace wholesale-what, where, how much, and, the most important, which supplier?

You own baby store or retail outlets then it will be of great use to consider its product differentiation with authentic amber teething necklaces and amber bracelets for babies. You will find moms and kids to be very grateful, besides regular buyers happy with speciality and a number of new customers gained. We offer Baltic amber teething necklace wholesale at the best prices. Purchasing with us, you can also be sure you buy natural Baltic amber, not cheap fake. We are located on the Baltic Sea shores so we deal directly with the manufacturers to offer our customers the most beneficial conditions, especially for those who order best amber teething necklace wholesale. In our store you can buy both Baltic amber teething necklace wholesale and amber bracelet wholesale. Our online store provides profound product range! You can choose among polished or raw amber necklace or teething amber bracelet in your most favorite colors:

  1. Milky.
  2. Cognac.
  3. Cherry.
  4. Black.
  5. Honey.

Amber bead bracelet as well as amber bead necklace combined with various stones, such as blue malachite, turquoise or pink quartz (perfect choice for little princesses) is extremely popular.

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