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What is amber teething necklace

The word “amber” is translated as stone born by a tree. People actively used it in their medical practice for many hundreds of years.

Amber provides healing effects on human body. In what way can it be beneficial? So, it:

  1. Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Can activate metabolism.
  3. Provides positive impact on the thyroid.
  4. Improves blood pressure.
  5. Removes free radicals out of the body.
  6. Cuts down on stress and helps cope with chronic fatigue.
  7. Is used in cosmetology.
  8. Boosts immunity.
  9. Relieves pain.
  10. Accelerates recovery when colds and viral illnesses.

Baltic amber is of particular use.  It is a fossil resin of ancient trees with up to 3-8% succinic acid, 12 chemical elements, and, in addition, no salts of heavy metals at all. That said, it is hard to underestimate amber necklace benefits for babies.

Baby teething beads

Baltic amber baby teething necklaces will help your baby pass through this hard time.  After all, they:

  1. Reduce soreness
  2. Soothe nerves
  3. Lessen the sensitivity threshold

Why are particularly beads better choices for kids?

Small polished pebbles form an ongoing circle around the neck. Being as close to the source of pain as possible. And if you pick the right length, it will prevent baby bead necklace from going into the mouth, from interfering with the play or hampering.

What to consider when choosing?

  1. Stones should be well polished.
  2. Beads should be strung on a silk thread.
  3. Pay special attention to the clip.
  4. Size should correspond to the ring length of baby’s neck. That is, it should not squeeze nor be too loose.

Safety guidelines

Like any medication and preventive remedy raw amber teething necklace has specific terms of use.

  1. Do not leave your baby alone with beads on.
  2. The length should be short enough to make it impossible for baby to have the necklace in his\her mouth.
  3. No nibbling. Amber is a brittle material, when pressed hard a piece can break away.
  4. You should always inspect the beads for damage before putting on.
  5. You should always take it off before bedtime.

How should I care for beads?

It’s generally accepted that jewelry items require care and certain storage conditions. The same is true for Baltic amber baby necklace. What should I do?

  1. Be careful when transporting and storing, beads should not contact with each other. This way they will last longer and intact.
  2. You cannot store amber stone necklace along with silver and gold ornaments.
  3. You should polish beads with a soft piece of flannel.
  4. When exposed to the sun, the item absorbs all the bright rays.

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