Amber Teething Bracelet

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Baby Amber Bracelet for Teething

Amber anklet for baby is the perfect decoration for your baby. In addition to the aesthetic function, Baltic amber bracelet plays also medical role and this not the slightest one. Modern parents use amber bracelets for teething more and more often.

Curative qualities of “solar stone”

Amber is a mineral that has many medicinal properties, scientists have to study. It is known that Martin Luther was able to get rid of urolithiasis all by himself only because there was a piece of raw amber in his pocket all the time. Doctors, though being skeptical, confirm that amber has strong physiotherapy effect on human organism. It can be used to:

  1. Improve sleep;
  2. Relieve from hypertension;
  3. Increase the resistance of the nervous system to stressful situations;
  4. Eliminate depressed mood;
  5. Act as an painkiller;
  6. Cure anemia;
  7. Improve  heart rate;
  8. Minimize the harmful radiation of appliances.

These features are possible because of the succinic acid, containing in the mineral.  Natural Baltic amber, aka succinite, takes its pride in the highest level (8%) of the element. That is why medical jewelries for children are made of it. Baltic amber teething bracelet is the most effective tool against pain.

Amber bracelets for teething babies: How do they work?

Only few people can believe that a simple ornament can replace analgesic medicine when relieving painful teething. But it is true. When you put amber beads anklet on your baby every day, you give way for succinic acid to penetrate into the bloodstream through baby’s skin to provide him\her with analgesic effect. In addition, with amber bracelet baby gets a tranquilizer that improves his\her behavior during sleep and play times, he\she is mild-tempered and attentive.

What is the proper way to wear baby amber bracelet?

Products are made particularly for children. Safety asks for amber teething bracelet for babies to have no sharp corners and to be strung on a silk thread. If baby suddenly tear the string, small amber stones will not be scattered on the floor but intact on the string, as every bead is securely fixed with a firm knot. Despite the obvious safety of the item, it is crucial for parents to keep in mind several use guidelines of the amber bead bracelet:

  1. No gnawing for baby amber stone.
  2. Bracelet of the proper size should be chosen. When too tight, it may put the squeeze on baby’s blood vessels, when too loose; it will drop off the hand all the time.
  3. An adult should be near the baby when amber bead anklet on.
  4. Wearing this ornament daily will result into successful therapy.
  5. You should not leave the bracelet on baby’s wrist while he\she is asleep.
  6. When baby takes a bath, the product should be removed, since detergents can damage the mineral.

When you follow all these rules, baby amber bracelet will be nothing but of great use for you.

How to tell fake amber from real one?

Popularity of “sunny stone” is one of the reasons of today's market offering fake mineral more often. Fake amber has no medicinal properties at all. To find out if it is real amber or not, you should take two cups:

  • one filled with fresh water;
  • the other filled with salty water;

Next you should dip the stone first into one and then into the other cup. Natural Baltic amber will sink down in fresh water, it will emerge on the surface when in salty water.

Where to buy baby amber bracelet for teething?

The most effective healing amber for babies can be found on the shore of the Baltic Sea, that is why it is most unlikely to stumble upon fake mineral there. Our physical address is Klaipeda port city, on the coast of the sea, rich in “sunny stones”. We can provide you with a beautiful Baltic amber teething bracelet for babies. Every piece has a quality certificate provided with it. Choose only the very best for your baby.