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Baby Amber Beads for Teething

Teething is the most difficult period for baby and his\her parents. This is the time when many children do not sleep well, act up because of painful gums itching, some kids suffer even from a fever. To alleviate baby’s pain moms and dads have to resort to using a variety of drugs, especially analgesics. This is the situation when baby amber teething beads can help.

Amber. What is this?

Many centuries of history have witnessed a lot of cases when our ancestors used amber for treatment and as a talisman against evil spirits. Nowadays this mineral is also popular acting as a powerful tool in improving the overall well-being of a person. Amber came out of hardened resin of coniferous trees that grew long before our era. The mineral has many different names, the most common being “Sunstone” and “Amber tears of a tree”. Such trace elements as iron, manganese, bromine and many others can be found in addition to the basic components of amber. The main component of organic mineral is succinic acid. The quantity of the latter defines the healing power of Lithuanian amber. This element is important for a human body, it improves cell performance, helping them produce enough energy.

Baltic amber gathered on the coast of the homonymous sea is the richest and most useful among many mineral types. Scientists found out that only this type of mineral contains the greatest amount of succinic acid.

How do baby amber beads for teething work?

In Europe amber beads have been used to relieve teething for many years. Ornament is just put on baby’s neck daily. In case of baby amber beads the effectiveness of the therapy depends on the duration and frequency of use. If your baby wears amber teething beads every day, teething-related ailments will disappear as a result:

  1. Increased salivation;
  2. Moodiness:
  3. Poor sleep;
  4. Gum pain;
  5. Digestive tract disorder.

Many moms who have already tried baby amber beads underline dramatic changes in the behavior of their babies. Baby is calm and joyful. A three-year old baby is allowed to wear this ornament.

In what way baby beads are different from one for adults?

Young parents might wonder: Why should they buy amber beads for kids? The reason is beads for kids are made in a little different way than ones for adults:

  1. Strong silk string is used to prevent tear;
  2. Every bead is fixed with a knot while stringing;
  3. Sturdy screw clasp prevents an ornament from unclasping;
  4. Infant amber beads is made of round or oval beads to provide close contact against baby’s skin increasing the healing effect.
  5. The length of the jewelry adjusted for children’s neck to eliminate snagging on foreign objects.
  6. Baby ornament is made of Baltic succinite – the mineral richest in succinic acid.

Amber beads: Correct way to wear

To avoid accidents, parents should observe precautions when using amber beads on baby:

  • Do not leave jewelry on baby’s neck during sleep time, it is better to put it under the pillow or the edge of the mattress.
  • Never leave your baby alone with amber beads for teething on.
  • There is no way for your baby to nibble his\her ornament. Baltic amber is brittle mineral, it may split apart.
  • Every time putting beads on your baby, please make sure its string and beads are intact.

Where to purchase high-quality baby amber beads?

You can buy raw Baltic amber teething beads in our online store. We offer a large selection of beautiful, high-quality, safe beads for your kids. Ordering product from us, there is nothing for our customer to worry about when the quality of jewelry is concerned. Our company is located at the very heart of amber getter, in Klaipeda, on the Baltic Sea. Every product has a quality certificate available in order to confirm authenticity of Baltic amber stone.