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Guide to the Benefits of Baltic Amber

It was the Ancient Greeks who first described the potential of Baltic amber in medicine and other sciences. It is used in most traditional medicines around the world and especially in Europe and China. At present, necklaces, bracelets and anklets made with this gem are used for natural healing while the gem’s major medicinal component is an ingredient of various medications. Discover the major benefits that you will enjoy when using amber from the Baltic.

Natural Pain Reliever

At present, the analgesic properties of this gem, which is actually fossilized tree resin, are very widely used. The succinic acid which is naturally released from it when it touches the skin works to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. The effect is strong and long lasting.

The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the gem are used for the treatment of various conditions from respiratory infections to ulcerations. One of their major uses is for easing teething in babies and toddlers. Baltic amber teething necklace review available here.

Immunity Booster

Baltic amber is an extremely powerful immunity booster. In fact, it has been used to prevent damage of the organs and systems of the body in people who have been exposed to radiation. Just by wearing a necklace or bracelet with amber beads, you will stimulate the functioning of your immune system and make it much stronger. You will be better protected from all kinds of diseases and especially bacterial and viral infections, which are generally quite common.

Infection Prevention and Treatment

You will enjoy a super high level of protection from infections thanks to the immunity boost which Baltic amber providers. Its antibacterial properties will enhance this effect greatly. Babies with teething necklaces will be at much lower risk of oral, throat and ear infections.


The antioxidant properties of Baltic amber have been discovered fairly recently. It has powerful antioxidants which work to fight the free radicals in the body and to prevent damage on cellular level. That way, they can lower significantly the risk of conditions associated with cellular damage such as cancer.


The antioxidant properties of this unique organic gem naturally produce anti-aging benefits as well. They are for all organs and systems in the body. You can expect them to work much more effectively than what is considered normal for your age. The visible effects will certainly make you very happy. You will enjoy a smoother, firmer and more elastic skin. It will have natural youthful glow and vitality.

Stress Relief

Baltic amber works to relax the mind and the body naturally. It eliminates the tension from the muscles and makes you feel calm and focused. It can help you go through the day without suffering from the adverse effects of stress such as lack of concentration, constant worry and increased heart rate. You simply need to wear a jewelry piece made from it.It is interesting to note that in addition to the extensive use of Baltic amber in medicine, it is also widely applied in aromatherapy as well. You can enjoy traditional aromatic treatment with it by inhaling its evaporated oil or get a relaxing massage with specially made amber pieces.

Energy Boost

It has been found that this unique gem has the ability to boost the energy at cellular level. You simply need to wear a necklace or a bracelet throughout the day to get all the energy which you require to do your job and to stay active. You will enjoy improved mental alertness and focus and greater stamina.

Last, but not least, Baltic amber is absolutely gorgeous. You will always look radiant and simply fabulous when wearing a jewelry piece made from it.

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