Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Reviews

Usage of Baltic amber teething necklace as natural teething remedy is becoming more and more popular. Lots of moms consider trying baby amber jewelry as alternative to teething medicine, teething rings, gels, tablets, etc. Read how do amber teething necklaces work page to understand healing properties of Baltic amber better.

Here are some of the reviews of our customers:

Emily S.
Forest City, North California
Verified Buyer
I love the teething necklace we purchased for our son. He is still sticking his hands in his mouth all the time but the necklace has definitely helped with drooling and fussiness. I highly recommend this necklace!

Danielle G.
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
I was willing to try this as my last resort for my 20 month old getting her 2 year molars. I am so glad I decided to get the necklace and anklet. We haven’t had to use Motrin in a few weeks and the extent of her teething is the occasional fingers in her mouth. No more screaming for hours on end.

Hollyday C.
ft walton beach, Florida
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love! Amber teething necklaces!! My twins wear them constantly! My little boy broke out two teeth, the first one we had no idea it broke through until I felt inside his mouth! My little girl has yet to have her teeth come through, but there is no drool, less fussing, and she looks so cute with her amber 🙂

Jennifer J.
Bellefontaine, Ohio
Verified Buyer
My daughter has been wearing the Raw Amber Lemon teething necklace for 2 months. It has really helped her drooling and running nose. We only take It off for bath time.


Also we’ve asked mommy bloggers to review our product, so you can read what others moms think before deciding if amber teething necklace is right product for you. See where to buy amber teething necklace page to make the order. Shop owners who would like to carry our product should use amber teething necklace wholesale page.


# 1 Generations of Savings Review:

Everyone in my family thinks her necklace is so amazingly cute! I was worried she would mess with it but she acts like it is not there. She has been pretty calm on the teething front the last couple of days and it has been heavenly. I love that she gets to have a cute necklace that also helps her at the same time.

# 2 Epic Mommy Adventures Review:

I’m usually a skeptic, leaving many things to coincidence or chance, but I can honestly say that the Amber Teething Necklace is helping my son! He is definitely gaining some relief from wearing the Amber Teething Necklace! Now I only take it off for baths

# 3 Fluffy Baby Shop Review:

We have been using amber necklaces since H was about 2 months old, and I can honestly say that I don’t believe he has ever had any real teething issues. I credit this to the power of amber!’
‘I can say that H loves this necklace, and will even bring it to me if I forget to put it on him!

# 4 Mommy Mentionables Review:

Tot began teething shortly after I wrote this post. Since then we have tried the amber necklace on her and guess what…it works!! Tot was overall less fussy, less upset, she appeared happier as if she wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. This was a big change from her constant fussiness and whining that we noticed when she started teething.”

# 5 Thankfully Thrifty Review:

Some mornings, after hours of not wearing the necklace, Lilleigh would wake up fussy, which I attributed to her erupting teeth. When I put the amber necklace on her, she seemed to pep up to her happy self shortly after. Many moms have similar testimonials and swear by these necklaces. My mother-in-law even order an adult-size amber bracelet to help with her arthritis and loves it!

# 6 We’re Parents Blog Review:

I absolutely love Amber for Babies’ products. Not only are they great for teething relief and their safety standards are perfect, but they are absolutely adorable as well. We get complements on our amber necklace everywhere we go. I’m lucky to have such a natural, homeopathic remedy to help us.

# 7 Easy Green Mom Review:

I really like that by using Amber teething necklaces I have an effective way to help relieve my baby’s pain without turning to drugs.

# 8 Hiccups and sunshine Review:

Amber for Babies amber teething necklaces are made with authentic Baltic amber.
They are: Natural, Non-invasive, Free of side-effects.
Each bead is individually knotted for extra safety. The necklace is made with durable silk and a screw safety clasp.

# 9 Crunchy Livin Mama Style Review:

The necklace I received for review was the perfect length for my 17 month old at 12-13 inches. Each necklace is lightweight and 100% genuine Baltic Amber with each bead individually knotted along with a safety clasp. This added safety keeps the beads from scattering if something were to happen to the necklace. The beads are in their raw, unpolished state – which I think is absolutely gorgeous in a soft honey color.