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How do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

How do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Amber is a mineral saturated with sea and sun light energy, its formation happening for centuries. It feels warm when touched.   Amber resin was chiefly used as healing substance and disinfectant during ancient times. In wartime amber saved lives of wounded soldiers.  But how a simple piece of consolidated resin can cure a person or relieve baby’s pain during teething? What is the connection between amber and teething?

Therapeutic qualities of succinic acid

Amber resin has healing effect thanks to its rich composition:

  • Hydrogen — 10%
  • Carbon — up to 79%
  • Oxygen ­­— almost 9%
  • Succinic acid (D3) — its content depends on the origin of the stone.
  • Trace elements: iron, aluminium, silicon, manganese, iodine, bromine, sodium, sulphur, nitrogen.

Amber teething necklaces work by releasing succinic acid when in direct contact with baby’s skin. Succinic acid is a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. Baltic amber has one of the highest its concentrations found in nature – up to 8%. While amber necklace wearing, one has the acid absorbed through skin pores into the bloodstream, where it starts influencing the body, improving performance of every organ.

If baby’s skin comes into contact with the mineral daily, parents will witness positive effect just a few days later with Baltic amber benefits:

  1. Baby will be calmer and more attentive, thus developing and growing in a healthy way.
  2. Both day time and night time falling asleep will turn into an easy and quick process.
  3.  Every sign of teething will disappear with amber bead necklace.
  4. Using amber will contribute into soon recovery from colds, thanks to Baltic amber stone characteristic to increase body resistance against viruses and bacteria.
  5. Amber reduces harmful effects of electrical items influencing person’s body, so there is nothing for parents to worry about when their child is near a TV-set or computer.
  6. The mineral induces the proper functioning of the thyroid, keeping hormones in sufficient level; it is good for the growth of the baby.

What is the right way to wear amber beads?

A few use guidelines should be followed to achieve the maximum effect:

  1. To achieve maximum healing effect baby amber beads should have direct and continuous contact with baby’s skin. It shouldn’t be worn against clothing.
  2. Amber piece should be placed close to the place of pain, that means that amber baby necklace would be more effective comparing to bracelet/anklet for achieving teething pain relief.
  3. You should wear amber beads every day.
  4. Always choose quality natural amber. Baltic amber necklaces are of the highest quality.

One should look exactly for Natural Baltic amber, because only this type of amber have high concentration of succinic acid, not other amber types such as Dominican amber, Mexican amber or amber limitations such as copal, plastic, glass, etc. Choose only trusted Baltic amber seller.  See where to buy amber teething necklace page.

Amber teething necklace safety:

  1. To prevent choking never let your child nibble amber teething beads or take them into his\her mouth, as a small piece of the stone may split off any moment.
  2. You should not leave your baby alone with a necklace on. Adult person should be near. When parents need to leave the baby, they can simply remove the ornamentation.
  3. You should not put too long beads on your child, he\she may get caught on anything or try to take them into mouth.
  4. Adults should always monitor amber stone necklaces condition. When the string is observed to be too rubbed it is recommended to use another one.

How to take care of natural Baltic amber?

When properly stored and cared baby amber teething necklace can last long enough to be handed over from generation to generation:

  • Please manage dark, dry place for storage. To have the amber item away from sunlight, dust, and moisture it is preferable to put it in the jewel-box.
  • Amber is vulnerable to chemicals. Never expose amber to shampoo, soap, lotions; don’t use amber while bathing. To clean use warm water.
  • After washing, you can grease your amber with amber or olive oil to give it a shine.

You can buy natural baby amber stone necklace and bracelet amber for teething in our store. We offer our customers genuine Baltic amber at affordable prices with delivery anywhere in the world.

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