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What is amber teething necklace

The word “amber” is translated as stone born by a tree. People actively used it in their medical practice for many hundreds of years.

Amber provides healing effects on human body. In what way can it be beneficial? So, it:

  1. Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Can activate metabolism.
  3. Provides positive impact on the thyroid.
  4. Improves blood pressure.
  5. Removes free radicals out of the body.
  6. Cuts down on stress and helps cope with chronic fatigue.
  7. Is used in cosmetology.
  8. Boosts immunity.
  9. Relieves pain.
  10. Accelerates recovery when colds and viral illnesses.

Baltic amber is of particular use.  It is a fossil resin of ancient trees with up to 3-8% succinic acid, 12 chemical elements, and, in addition, no salts of heavy metals at all. That said, it is hard to underestimate amber necklace benefits for babies.

Baby teething beads

Baltic amber baby teething necklaces will help your baby pass through this hard time.  After all, they:

  1. Reduce soreness
  2. Soothe nerves
  3. Lessen the sensitivity threshold

Why are particularly beads better choices for kids?

Small polished pebbles form an ongoing circle around the neck. Being as close to the source of pain as possible. And if you pick the right length, it will prevent baby bead necklace from going into the mouth, from interfering with the play or hampering.

What to consider when choosing?

  1. Stones should be well polished.
  2. Beads should be strung on a silk thread.
  3. Pay special attention to the clip.
  4. Size should correspond to the ring length of baby’s neck. That is, it should not squeeze nor be too loose.

Safety guidelines

Like any medication and preventive remedy raw amber teething necklace has specific terms of use.

  1. Do not leave your baby alone with beads on.
  2. The length should be short enough to make it impossible for baby to have the necklace in his\her mouth.
  3. No nibbling. Amber is a brittle material, when pressed hard a piece can break away.
  4. You should always inspect the beads for damage before putting on.
  5. You should always take it off before bedtime.

How should I care for beads?

It’s generally accepted that jewelry items require care and certain storage conditions. The same is true for Baltic amber baby necklace. What should I do?

  1. Be careful when transporting and storing, beads should not contact with each other. This way they will last longer and intact.
  2. You cannot store amber stone necklace along with silver and gold ornaments.
  3. You should polish beads with a soft piece of flannel.
  4. When exposed to the sun, the item absorbs all the bright rays.

You are welcome to purchase in our store

If your kid is acting up and suffering from teething pain whereas you are dreaming of proper sleep, it is a high time to order the best teething necklace available in our online store.

Why our store?

As the company’s head office is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the sunny city of Klaipeda (Lithuania), we do have some advantages:

  1. Only genuine Baltic amber necklaces for babies are in sale.
  2. We provide the best prices because we sell directly without intermediaries.
  3. You can buy amber teething necklace wholesale or retail at the best price.

Visit our online store to choose Baltic teething necklace, only the best for your baby. Let your little one be cheerful, healthy, and happy every day.

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Teething & Restless Sleep

Hundreds of parents from all over the world complain from teething & restless sleep. The growth of the pearly whites of your baby can really give everyone in the house including her hard time especially during the night. Find out more about this common issue and how to resolve it in the most effective manner for your child and for your whole family.

What are the characteristics of restless sleep?

Falling asleep can be quite difficult for babies that are teething. You may notice that your child is tossing and running in her bed instead of just relaxing and preparing to fall asleep. Even if you take her in your arms and rock her gently, she may need an hour or even longer to get calm and doze off. This can be quite frustrating especially for parents who have already established a sleeping routine for their baby and she is happy with it. What’s even worse for parents is the frequent waking up at night associated with teething and restless sleep. The baby wakes up wall of a sudden and starts wining or crying. In this case, you have to get up and try to calm her so that she can fall asleep again. This can happen several times during the night and sometimes every hour or so.The sleeping schedule of your baby can get seriously mixed up due to teething and its symptoms. She may sleep more often and for longer periods of time during the day. This can make the problem with her night’s sleep even worse.

Why can’t the baby sleep?

Teething and restless sleep go together because of the things which the baby experiences during this natural process. When a tooth starts growing, it penetrates the gum tissue and moves up through it slowly until it breaks on the surface. This can create pressure in the gums and consequently swelling, inflammation and redness. As you know, sore gums are naturally associated with discomfort, pain, irritability and crankiness. These symptoms can keep your baby awake for hours even though it’s her bed time or cause her to wake up quite often during the night. In some cases, restless sleep during teething can be caused by pain and discomfort associated with a medical condition such as an infection. That is why if your baby is experiencing runny nose, has fever, vomits and/or has diarrhea, you should call your pediatrician.

How can you help your baby and yourself?

Your primary goal is to help your baby get relief from the teething symptoms and fall asleep. Giving her a teething ring before bedtime can help. If you hold her in your arms to relax, you can wear teething jewelry which she can chew on. Generally, parents are recommended to hold their baby in order to put her to sleep during the teething period as self-soothing is hard for a child who is in pain. Experts recommend that you should feed your baby smaller portions more frequently during teething to prevent restless sleep. Babies generally eat less food during this period due to gum discomfort. By feeding her more often, you will ensure that she will not wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger pangs. She will be more relaxed as a whole. A Baltic amber teething necklace can also help your child have better sleep and keep her sleeping routine. It is worn around the neck during the day and can be put around the ankle of the baby during the night. It releases amber acid which works naturally to provide pain relief and to produce a gentle calming effect. You should try to get naps when your baby is napping. If she wakes up frequently during the night, you and your partner or another caregiver can be responsible for her in shifts.

Use these tips on teething and restless sleep so that your child can feel a lot better.

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Teething of Molars

Most parents who have small children agree that the teething of molars was the hardest compared to the growth of all other primary teeth. This can be explained with the large size and surface of these teeth. Still, despite the challenge which you can expect, you should not despair. With the right information and advice, you will help your baby sail through the whole process as easily as possible.

What are molars?

These are the teeth used for grinding or chewing food. They are quite big and have a broad surface. They will help your child start eating all kinds of solid foods that will enrich her diet and give her all the nutrients that she requires to grow and stay healthy and happy.

Their name comes from the Roman word “mola” which means millstone. Basically, they are named based on their function.In the set of primary teeth, there are eight molars in total – four lower and four upper ones. They are divided into four pairs. There is a pair of molars on each side of the mouth on both the upper and the lower jaw. In every pair, there is a first and second molar. The four first molars are smaller than their second counterparts and have pointer edges on the upper surface.

When do they grow?

The teething of molars typically begins when the child is around 15 months of age with the first molars. With molars, early teething is not common, but it may happen. Usually, the four first molars appear simultaneously or a short time apart. In some cases, the bottom ones may appear first.The second molars appear when the child is about 26 months old. They are the biggest of all primary teeth and the final ones to grow as well.

As you can see the answer to the question of how long teething lasts when it comes to molars is quite challenging. Generally, each of these teeth should not take more than a week to show up. It is important to note that the canines, which sit between the incisors and the first molars, appear before the second molars. This happens when the child is around 18 months old.

How can you tell if they are coming up?

The bulging gums are among the most common symptoms of the teething of molars. The gums seem to expand where the teeth will grow even though you may not be able to see the teeth’s surface through the tissue. The gums typically appear swollen and red as well.In some cases, a cyst forms over the molar which is about to erupt. This is a bluish bubble filled with liquid. It is not a sign of infection or of another serious problem. When the tooth appears, it will simply pierce the cyst and the bloody liquid inside it will be released. You should not panic if you see blood in your child’s mouth. The gum under the burst cyst will not require any special treatment to heal.The symptoms common for the entire teething process will most certainly appear as well. These include drooling, crankiness and irritability, trouble sleeping and chewing on objects. If your child is in great pain, she will cry a lot. She may be unable to fall asleep. She may refuse to eat. If your toddler has fever, you should call your pediatrician.

How do you provide symptom relief?

You should not hesitate to use the whole arsenal of home remedies to give your baby relief from the symptoms associated with teething molars. These include teething rings, gum massage, frozen fruit, carrots and teething biscuits. You may also place a Baltic amber teething necklace around your baby’s neck. It will work to reduce the pain and discomfort, to stop the drooling and to boost the immunity of your child. It is great to have a comprehensive and effective natural treatment. If your baby is in great pain and cannot sleep through the night, you should consider giving her a painkiller suitable for children her age.

How do you care for these and other teething?

The molars are more susceptible to cavities and similar problems. That is why you should brush your child’s teeth with a soft brush and non-fluorinated paste daily after she reaches 1. You should take her to the dentist annually or semi-annually after her first birthday. When she is around the age of 2, you can switch to fluorinated paste upon consulting the dentist.

The teething of molars is not as nightmarish as most parents think. If you take the appropriate measures, your baby will be fine while you will be much more relaxed.

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Guide to the Benefits of Baltic Amber

It was the Ancient Greeks who first described the potential of Baltic amber in medicine and other sciences. It is used in most traditional medicines around the world and especially in Europe and China. At present, necklaces, bracelets and anklets made with this gem are used for natural healing while the gem’s major medicinal component is an ingredient of various medications. Discover the major benefits that you will enjoy when using amber from the Baltic.

Natural Pain Reliever

At present, the analgesic properties of this gem, which is actually fossilized tree resin, are very widely used. The succinic acid which is naturally released from it when it touches the skin works to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. The effect is strong and long lasting.

The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the gem are used for the treatment of various conditions from respiratory infections to ulcerations. One of their major uses is for easing teething in babies and toddlers. Baltic amber teething necklace review available here.

Immunity Booster

Baltic amber is an extremely powerful immunity booster. In fact, it has been used to prevent damage of the organs and systems of the body in people who have been exposed to radiation. Just by wearing a necklace or bracelet with amber beads, you will stimulate the functioning of your immune system and make it much stronger. You will be better protected from all kinds of diseases and especially bacterial and viral infections, which are generally quite common.

Infection Prevention and Treatment

You will enjoy a super high level of protection from infections thanks to the immunity boost which Baltic amber providers. Its antibacterial properties will enhance this effect greatly. Babies with teething necklaces will be at much lower risk of oral, throat and ear infections.


The antioxidant properties of Baltic amber have been discovered fairly recently. It has powerful antioxidants which work to fight the free radicals in the body and to prevent damage on cellular level. That way, they can lower significantly the risk of conditions associated with cellular damage such as cancer.


The antioxidant properties of this unique organic gem naturally produce anti-aging benefits as well. They are for all organs and systems in the body. You can expect them to work much more effectively than what is considered normal for your age. The visible effects will certainly make you very happy. You will enjoy a smoother, firmer and more elastic skin. It will have natural youthful glow and vitality.

Stress Relief

Baltic amber works to relax the mind and the body naturally. It eliminates the tension from the muscles and makes you feel calm and focused. It can help you go through the day without suffering from the adverse effects of stress such as lack of concentration, constant worry and increased heart rate. You simply need to wear a jewelry piece made from it.It is interesting to note that in addition to the extensive use of Baltic amber in medicine, it is also widely applied in aromatherapy as well. You can enjoy traditional aromatic treatment with it by inhaling its evaporated oil or get a relaxing massage with specially made amber pieces.

Energy Boost

It has been found that this unique gem has the ability to boost the energy at cellular level. You simply need to wear a necklace or a bracelet throughout the day to get all the energy which you require to do your job and to stay active. You will enjoy improved mental alertness and focus and greater stamina.

Last, but not least, Baltic amber is absolutely gorgeous. You will always look radiant and simply fabulous when wearing a jewelry piece made from it.

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Where to Buy Amber Teething Necklace

To try the maximum Baltic amber healing properties, it is preferable to buy it where it originates from — the Baltic Sea coast. Is there any other store to provide you with authentic amber teething necklace, but ours? We ship the purchase to our customers directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea, from the sunny city of Klaipeda.

Klaipeda (Lithuania)
Klaipeda (Lithuania)

You can choose from raw amber teething necklaces, which made of unpolished (unprocessed) Baltic amber beads. These type is one of the most popular cause of higher concentration of succinic acid comparing to polished types (baroque and olive).

Amber teething necklace

Using Baltic amber as a sedative for teething pain is a popular method in European countries. Succinic acid of the mineral gets warm when touched against the skin, and then it starts penetrating into the bloodstream of a kid. Thereby, gum soreness is relieved. Besides, mineral can calm down baby’s nervous system, letting baby and his\her parents rest properly.

Baby amber necklaces are made with care for sensitive skin of the baby. The design of the product guarantees comfortable and safe use.

All 3 bead options are softly rounded and lay comfortably against baby’s skin which results in the best contact and maximum effect.

Baby bead necklaces are available in 3 sizes – 11”, 12” and 13”. (always measure the baby’s neck to know the right size for your baby).For baby’s comfort amber beads should not be too short nor too long.

* Retail customers visit amber teething necklace wholesale page.

Why to buy from Us

  1. Choosing us you get authentic amber teething necklaces and bracelets made from highest quality amber (Lithuanian amber).
  2. All orders are professionally packaged with zero chance of amber piece being damaged or broken while shipping.
  3. Secure ordering with 128 bit encryption. We except all major Credit Card options – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover; as well as Paypal.
  4. Fast shipping. We do same day shipping for all the items – so you can expect fast delivery time.

Amber necklaces for kids are an alternative to traditional teething remedies: medicine for teething, baby teething gels, rings and tablets. Similar to Hazelwood teething necklaces, Baltic amber jewelry is natural, non-invasive, side effects-free way to ease your baby’s teething symptoms.

Perfect Gift

Suitable for boys(usually moms prefer darker colors – cognac and cherry) and girls(you might like lighter colors – milky, lemon and honey) it’s a original and useful gift. This handmade pretty amber stone necklace is a natural teething remedy at the same time.

Amber Bracelets and Anklets for Teething

Amber bracelet performs the same function as raw amber necklace. You may choose amber anklet for baby if your little one is old enough not to take the ornamentation into his\her mouth. Product line of our online store provides a large selection of beautiful and high quality genuine Baltic amber bracelets. This jewelry will perform not only therapeutically, but also please your baby in aesthetic way. Scientists proved that “sunny” amber color eliminates distemper and calms down the nervous system.

You can also purchase matching baby amber anklet\bracelet and make it set – necklaces plus bracelet. They look great and provide effective teething pain relief. Or even add mommy matching necklace to the set. All 3 pieces will have same colored beads, string and clasp. Bracelets come in 5″ and 6″ sizes, mommy necklace size is 18″.

Bracelets and amber necklace for babies will help replace a large amount of drugs, while strengthening baby’s immune system and relieving his\her gum pain during teething. We provide you with certified and quality baby amber products at affordable prices and with quick delivery.

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How do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

How do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Amber is a mineral saturated with sea and sun light energy, its formation happening for centuries. It feels warm when touched.   Amber resin was chiefly used as healing substance and disinfectant during ancient times. In wartime amber saved lives of wounded soldiers.  But how a simple piece of consolidated resin can cure a person or relieve baby’s pain during teething? What is the connection between amber and teething?

Therapeutic qualities of succinic acid

Amber resin has healing effect thanks to its rich composition:

  • Hydrogen — 10%
  • Carbon — up to 79%
  • Oxygen ­­— almost 9%
  • Succinic acid (D3) — its content depends on the origin of the stone.
  • Trace elements: iron, aluminium, silicon, manganese, iodine, bromine, sodium, sulphur, nitrogen.

Amber teething necklaces work by releasing succinic acid when in direct contact with baby’s skin. Succinic acid is a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. Baltic amber has one of the highest its concentrations found in nature – up to 8%. While amber necklace wearing, one has the acid absorbed through skin pores into the bloodstream, where it starts influencing the body, improving performance of every organ.

If baby’s skin comes into contact with the mineral daily, parents will witness positive effect just a few days later with Baltic amber benefits:

  1. Baby will be calmer and more attentive, thus developing and growing in a healthy way.
  2. Both day time and night time falling asleep will turn into an easy and quick process.
  3.  Every sign of teething will disappear with amber bead necklace.
  4. Using amber will contribute into soon recovery from colds, thanks to Baltic amber stone characteristic to increase body resistance against viruses and bacteria.
  5. Amber reduces harmful effects of electrical items influencing person’s body, so there is nothing for parents to worry about when their child is near a TV-set or computer.
  6. The mineral induces the proper functioning of the thyroid, keeping hormones in sufficient level; it is good for the growth of the baby.

What is the right way to wear amber beads?

A few use guidelines should be followed to achieve the maximum effect:

  1. To achieve maximum healing effect baby amber beads should have direct and continuous contact with baby’s skin. It shouldn’t be worn against clothing.
  2. Amber piece should be placed close to the place of pain, that means that amber baby necklace would be more effective comparing to bracelet/anklet for achieving teething pain relief.
  3. You should wear amber beads every day.
  4. Always choose quality natural amber. Baltic amber necklaces are of the highest quality.

One should look exactly for Natural Baltic amber, because only this type of amber have high concentration of succinic acid, not other amber types such as Dominican amber, Mexican amber or amber limitations such as copal, plastic, glass, etc. Choose only trusted Baltic amber seller.  See where to buy amber teething necklace page.

Amber teething necklace safety:

  1. To prevent choking never let your child nibble amber teething beads or take them into his\her mouth, as a small piece of the stone may split off any moment.
  2. You should not leave your baby alone with a necklace on. Adult person should be near. When parents need to leave the baby, they can simply remove the ornamentation.
  3. You should not put too long beads on your child, he\she may get caught on anything or try to take them into mouth.
  4. Adults should always monitor amber stone necklaces condition. When the string is observed to be too rubbed it is recommended to use another one.

How to take care of natural Baltic amber?

When properly stored and cared baby amber teething necklace can last long enough to be handed over from generation to generation:

  • Please manage dark, dry place for storage. To have the amber item away from sunlight, dust, and moisture it is preferable to put it in the jewel-box.
  • Amber is vulnerable to chemicals. Never expose amber to shampoo, soap, lotions; don’t use amber while bathing. To clean use warm water.
  • After washing, you can grease your amber with amber or olive oil to give it a shine.

You can buy natural baby amber stone necklace and bracelet amber for teething in our store. We offer our customers genuine Baltic amber at affordable prices with delivery anywhere in the world.